New ps_helper pages

I’ve been updating my (sadly very very neglected, and hacked) blog recently, and along with the new look and feel, have put together a new page for ps_helper (a schema of helper views and procedures for analyzing MySQL’s Performance Schema data):

I’ve also updated it with the things that I’ve talked about recently (including my last post on Statement Digests), and put together a couple of version specific scripts, that can be used against 5.5 or the new 5.6 versions.

Each view or procedure now has examples, and their source individually listed too, so that you can see the benefits that you may get from each.

I’ve also updated the dump_thread_stack() procedure to also list the new instruments within 5.6 (such as network IO and idle time), and given it a page of it’s own as well:

Feedback (and requests) welcome!