MySQL sys version 1.5.1 released

MySQL sys version 1.5.1 has just been released.

This is a purely bug fix release, and has been merged in to the upcoming MySQL 5.7.14 release.

Here’s a full summary of the changes:


  • A quote_identifier function was added, which can be used to properly backtick identifier names
  • The `Tls_version` column was added to the output from the `mysql.slave_master_info` table, from the `diagnostics` procedure (backported from 5.7 upstream change)

Bug Fixes

  • MySQL Bug #77853 / Oracle Bug #21512106 – The `format_path` function did not consider directory boundaries when comparing variables to paths – it now does. Also fixed to no longer translate backslashes within Windows paths to forward slash
  • Oracle Bug #21663578 – Fixed an instability within the `sysschema.v_schema_tables_with_full_table_scans` test
  • Oracle Bug #21970078 – The `host_summary` view could fail with a division by zero error
  • MySQL Bug #78874 / Oracle Bug #22066096 – The `ps_setup_show_enabled` procedure showed all rows for the `performance_schema.setup_objects` table, rather than only those that are enabled
  • MySQL Bug #80569 / Oracle Bug #22848110 – The `max_latency` column for the `host_summary_by_statement_latency` view incorrectly showed the SUM of latency
  • MySQL Bug #80833 / Oracle Bug #22988461 – The `pages_hashed` and `pages_old` columns within the `innodb_buffer_stats_by_schema` and `innodb_buffer_stats_by_table` views were calculated incorrectly (Contributed by Tsubasa Tanaka)
  • MySQL Bug #78823 / Oracle Bug #22011361 – The `create_synonym_db` procedure failed when using reserved words as the synonym name (this change also introduced the quote_identifier function mentioned above Contributed by Paul Dubois)
  • MySQL Bug #81564 / Oracle Bug #23335880 – The `ps_setup_show_enabled` and `ps_setup_show_disabled` procedures were fixed to:
    • Show `user@host` instead of `host@user` for accounts
    • Fixed the column header for `disabled_users` within `ps_setup_show_disabled`
    • Explicitly ordered all output for test stability
    • Show disabled users for 5.7.6+
  • Oracle Bug #21970806 – The `sysschema.fn_ps_thread_trx_info` test was unstable
  • Oracle Bug #23621189 – The `ps_trace_statement_digest` procedure ran EXPLAIN incorrectly in certain cases (such as on a SHOW statement, no query being specified, or not having a full qualified table), the procedure now catches these issues and ignores them