MySQL 5.7: Performance Schema Improvements, Percona Live

I had a great time last week at Percona Live, meeting up with lots of old friends, and getting to know lots of new ones.

It was great to meet many of the people that hang around on DBHangOps face to face. Geoff even got a community award (well done)! Unfortunately I had to miss the lunch.

It was also good to see Oracle getting a community award. Our engineers are extremely hard working, and all want to help community and customers alike be successful with their MySQL environments. There was lots of great positive attitude towards the work we’ve been doing, it was pleasing to hear that we are on the right track.

I haven’t been to a conference at that venue since the “old school” MySQL UC. Well done Percona for putting on such a great event.

And as a bonus, I even got to sit in front of Shlomi Noach on my flight from SFO to Newark:

Here’s the slides for my talk, MySQL 5.7: Performance Schema Improvements:

MySQL 5.7: Performance Schema Improvements

I hope to be seeing many of you out at MySQL Connect later this year, not long now to submit your talk!

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