I’ll see you at MySQL Connect! I will … won’t I?

I’ve had a talk accepted for the MySQL Connect conference, in San Francisco at the end of September. I’ll be talking about Profiling with Performance Schema.

Here’s the abstract:

The Performance Schema feature was introduced in MySQL 5.5 and has been greatly enhanced within the coming 5.6 release. It exposes a new wealth of instrumentation, to DBAs and developers alike, that enable you to find answers to many of the questions that have been impossible, or more difficult than necessary, to answer in the past. Come to this session to learn how to set up and use Performance Schema to perform everyday profiling and performance monitoring tasks, such as finding problem queries; researching blocked hosts; profiling I/O usage; analyzing resource usage by schema, table, or user; or tracing a session to see exactly where it spends its time.

There is a lot of great content planned for MySQL Connect, it should be a great event!

I hope to see you there!

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