Speaking at Oracle OpenWorld 2011

Speaking at Oracle OpenWorld

Along with many of my colleages, and many excellent community speakers, I will also be presenting at Oracle OpenWorld this year!

I’ll be giving two talks:

Getting to Know MySQL Enterprise Monitor – Tuesday, 10:15 AM, Marriott Marquis – Golden Gate C1

MySQL Enterprise Monitor is the monitoring and management solution for DBAs and developers delivered as part of MySQL Enterprise Edition. It provides background monitoring, alerting, trending, and analysis of the MySQL database and the statement traffic that is running within it.

Come to this session to learn how to install/configure, customize, and use MySQL Enterprise Monitor to suit your environment. Whether you use a single server or have hundreds of instances, MySQL Enterprise Monitor can provide great insights into how your environment is performing.

MySQL Monitoring Mechanisms: How the Different Pieces Fit Together – Wednesday, 05:00 PM, Marriott Marquis – Golden Gate C2

The 5.5 and 5.6 releases of MySQL introduce several new mechanisms that provide improved monitoring and performance tuning functionality. Examples are performance schemas, InnoDB metrics tables, optimizer trace, and extended explain functionality. This session outlines the vision for monitoring-related functionality in MySQL and presents an overview of the new mechanisms. It shows how these are integrated with MySQL management tools. Furthermore, it discusses how these mechanisms can be utilized by application developers, DBAs, and production engineers for tracking down performance issues and monitoring production systems.

Look forward to seeing old friends, and making some new ones! See you there.