I’ve talked about PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA in the past – almost a year ago now.

Back then the feature was just coming together in to something useable, and was on the cusp of moving towards code review. It entered code review, and went around, and around for 9 months, whilst various refinements were made.

Never the less, Marc Alff persevered (much respect!), and yesterday pushed his final merge in to the mysql-next-mr bzr tree. PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA is now awaiting the next milestone release, and will be a part of the next GA release of MySQL!

We have the initial documentation ready:

This first round adds the infrastructure to take monitoring of the MySQL Server to the next level, initially adding in instrumentation for sync points (mutexes, rw locks, etc.) and file IO, in the SQL layer, and most of the default storage engines (all those controlled by MySQL/Sun).

Here’s a shout out to the other storage engine developers – we’d love you to start looking at instrumenting your own engines as well. Ask away on the internals@ list – I’m sure Marc will be more than willing to help.

And now that we have the above in – what’s next? It’s a good question! Here’s a list of the major outstanding worklogs:

WL#4895 PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA Instrumenting Table IO
WL#4896 PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA Instrumenting Net IO

Personally, I’m voting for WL#4895 next (well, I’d like to see InnoDB instrumentation too!), but you can vote for what ever you are most interested in via the votes in Worklog as well.

Thanks for all the hard work Marc!

3 thoughts on “PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA hits Prime Time!”

  1. Hi Mark,

    I write a mysql monitoring and analytics app that currently pulls a lot of performance data from global status, global variables, and information_schema so this new performance_schema is very exciting to hear about. Perhaps you could write about a quick how-to to query the most relevant aspects of this new schema/engine in regard to real world troubleshooting and performance monitoring.



  2. Hi Matt,

    I know you do – I keep an eye on it, it’s looking good lately. 🙂

    I’m one of the guys that will be helping with MEM integration of P_S as well though, maybe things will fall out of that which I will blog about.. 😉



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