Goodbye MySQL 6.0!

The announcement for 6.0.11 went out not along ago. 

Within it:

6.0.11 will be the last release of 6.0. After this we will be
transitioning into a New Release Model for the MySQL Server

The goal of this transition is to enable more frequent and timely
releases of the MySQL Server.

The planned milestone for September 2009 will probably include most of
the features from 6.0. More detail on which, will be communicated
before end of June. Features not in this milestone (e.g. Online Backup,
Falcon, Connection thread pooling, and 4 Byte UTF Support) are planned
for future milestones when they stabilize.

We’re still ironing out the details internally, but please do read up on the above wiki about our current plans for the development schedule!

We’ve still got quite a road ahead to get things settled, but to my mind, we’re on the right path.


3 thoughts on “Goodbye MySQL 6.0!”

  1. Finally 🙂
    I’m looking forward to it a lot and sincerely hope this will speed up the release cycle.
    Plus everyone would know what they’d be getting into with a new release.

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