Speaking at the MySQL Conference 2009

A little late to post (I’ve known a while), but I thought I’d plug my talk for any interested readers out there, that are going to the conference, and use MEM!

I’m talking about Extending MySQL Enterprise Monitor with Custom Advisors, Graphs and Data Collections.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the team that writes the MEM software (the “Enterprise Tools” team, internally and lovingly known as the “Merlin Team“, the codename that has survived various renames of the product!) for a little over 3 years now. I can’t say I was there at it’s conception, but I started working with them before the initial release of the product, and have watched (and I like to think helped shape) the product very closely whilst being the “Support Coordinator” for the Support Team for MEM. It’s a great product already, but we have many ideas, it’s going to be an awesome product of the future.

Along the way I’ve helped to write many of the graphs and rules that are released for the MySQL Enterprise Monitor within the default Advisor bundles (along with Andy Bang, one of the original team with the concept) and hope to give MEM users some insights in to how they can extend MEM to suit their own needs.

For example, many users have asked for us to add disk space monitoring – we’re working towards making it more seamless for the next releases (2.0 has taken an interim step for this) – but little know that you can already extend the Monitor to do this within the new 2.0 release:

MEM Disk Monitoring
MEM Disk Monitoring

Come to the talk to find out how – and more, like collecting your own data points (from various sources), graphing them and/or alerting on them! 🙂

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