The joy of spam

It’s a sad state of affairs when you come back to your blog after a long period of not having the time to update it – and you find 128 comments – of which 128 are spam.

Not only do we have to deal with the deluge of spam on a daily basis via our email (although, our spam protection is pretty shit hot), through our doors, and over the TV – we now have to deal with it via blogs as well.

I know this has been going on a long time, and it’s nothing new to a lot of people – but I’m going to bitch about it anyway. It enrages me.

Of course, one might call my own rant spam. Sucks to be you. 😉

2 thoughts on “The joy of spam”

  1. lo m8

    just thought I should let you know it’s not just confined to blogs – the SQLDump Wiki has likewise been infected. I went to contribute to the SQLServer section and when I went to edit found this lurking under the radar…

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  2. Hey Varp 🙂

    Thanks for letting me know! I’ve not had much time to keep that site updated, but I plan to give it an overall after the conference next week..

    Thanks for anything you add too!

    Speak soon,


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