MySQL User Conference

Long time no speak! Hey non-avid readers!

I’ve been keeping my head down lately working away in our support group, and haven’t had much time to get any tips down on my blog or even any thoughts in general.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been polishing up my presentation – MySQL for Oracle DBAs, which is on the last day – next Thursday, April 27th.

If you’re reading this – and around at our user conference next week – seek me out and say “Hi!”.

I’ll work on a number of blog posts after the conference, which will give some of the information available in my presentation as well.

Look forward to saying “Hi!” to as many of you as possible!

2 thoughts on “MySQL User Conference”

  1. marky my old china,
    any idea wht i can use one php ‘new user register’ page
    to post the data to several tables of a database.?

    $insert = “INSERT INTO users (
    $insert = “INSERT INTO wp_users (

    i know this is a php question, but hey 🙂

  2. hey paul,

    could you not update to a view ?

    or if it’s not particularly relational data…use a stored procedure and wrap it inside a transaction (to ensure consistency)

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