I return!

Well, once again it’s been some time since I managed to find any time to write anything for my blog. The past month certainly has been one of the most hectic I’ve had in many many years!

I’m now working for MySQL AB – as a Support Engineer for the Americas Group!

I applied a little over a month ago now, and when I found out that I got the job I had a very short space of time with my old company, Cool-Tools., to do wrap up what I was doing with the monitoring tool that I was working on, and to make sure that everybody was happy with taking over from my old position in support.

I got a weekend off.

I then started directly with MySQL the following Monday (2 weeks after discovering I had gotten the job). From then it’s been a pretty fast learning curve, working with some of the best colleagues I’ve ever had so far. The guys here at MySQL really are a fantastic bunch of people!

I notice that PlanetMySQL has had a facelift! Looks wonderful Arjen! 🙂 Now let’s see if I get one of those revered “Employee” images by my name!

I don’t have any technical content to add at this time – maybe when I get a little extra free time (read, when I’m not working! 😉 ) I’ll finish that entry on procedures that I want to add. I’ve done some work on functions lately, but I’ll most probably be using those as examples in a new column that may be arriving soon on dev.mysql.com – keep an eye out for that!